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Together, we can build a flourishing Syrian Sephardic community in the land of Israel.

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To help facilitate the development of a Syrian Sephardic community in the land of Israel.

We’re here to learn about the motivating factors, necessities, and desires of our community members.


We’re here to develop viable plans together with our community 
and specifically for our community.


We’re here to help sustain our sense of community and identity 
in the land of Israel.


Our Mission

Map of Syrian Families in Israel

Currently, at least 140 known community families with a home in Israel.

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About Us


Syrian-Israel Link was formed as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to promote and facilitate the strengthening of our Syrian Sephardic Community’s bond with the land of Israel.


Throughout our history, our community has in many significant ways supported and cherished its relationship with Israel.  Yet we, who have carried our sense of community from Brooklyn to Deal and Hong Kong to Aruba, still lack a sense of community belonging in our own homeland.  Now, more than ever, with the recent turmoil in the world, growing anti-semitism, and political instability, many in our community now realize that our true home is in the land of Israel.  


We are a passionate network of community members with experience buying, investing, and owning homes in Israel, and we offer our guidance and network to anyone interested.  It is our goal to help anyone interested in buying a vacation or security home in Israel or looking to move full time to do so together as a community.


It is our hope that we can unify our efforts toward continuing our traditions, values, and sense of belonging in the land of Israel, so that our community’s future in Israel will be as illustrious as our past.

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Who We Are

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Rabbi Moses Haber


Eli Mizrahi


Ralph Sasson


Moshe Laniado

Vice President

Daniel Levy

Marketing and Publicity

Jack Terzi

Technology Director


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By the Western Wall

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